Hey there! So, my story regarding beautiful juice and our long history together starts way back. Come to think of it - it actually starts before I came into this world.

My grandparents had purchased a home with a cider press on the property. Years later, my grandfather made a decision to put this cider press back into action and moved it to a newly built outbuilding.

As a little girl, while swinging on the family swing set, I can remember the line of cars extending down the driveway and down the road! All kinds of people greeting our family with a friendly smile as they brought their own apples to be pressed and leaving with the best - freshest you can get - delicious apple cider. 

As a kid my grandma would give a gallon to us when she could. I remember my grandmother straining cider in the kitchen sink, with her red funnel that she passed on to me. My grandparents shared their extra cider with the family. It's a smell and taste you'll never forget. Even walking into the cider press building you could smell the sweet smell of apple cider! My grandfather had shared stories about trying to press other fruits, but in the end apples worked best.

When it became my job to help out with making cider, one day was all it took...I couldn't stand it. Here I was a 6th grader and hated the idea of getting up early in the morning. Getting ready was an adventure: putting on big brown work boots, rubber work gloves with cloth arm guards pulled up to my armpits, and a red handkerchief holding back my hair - I was pretty sure other kids my age were sleeping in and getting to do whatever they wanted on a Saturday morning, especially us city kids.

But I kept going because my grandparents needed me even though I don't think I recall ever looking forward to a single Saturday when we pressed for the season! I was excited as the weeks counted down in November to our last week of pressing - the week before Thanksgiving. It was cold and I was grumpy, I had definitely taken it for granted. 

In 2014 I found myself turning to juice for my own health reasons. It was because of my cider pressing experience that I had the guts to give juicing a try. I'm not a health coach just another juice junkie...and a bit of a tomatoaholic!  Juicing has created a deeply rewarding journey for me that I cherish and enjoy sharing alongside my family. I thank my grandfather with all my heart for the day he decided to introduce cider/juice making into the family!

With gratitude ~ Mindi